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Most people have a hard time knowing where to start when making the first steps on their weight loss journey, and nutrition is 60-70% of your weight loss success. The Right Fit Covina offers personalized nutritional counseling to help you reach your goals or simply get healthy. Come learn the science of weight loss and the tools to lose the weight and keep it off! During your nutritional counseling session you will learn your basal metabolic rate and how it affects your weight loss/gain, how many calories to eat and how many to deduct to accomplish your fitness goals, and learn what foods to eat from each of the different food groups. You will receive 4 pre-designed meal plans based on your calorie needs and with the proper percentages of carbs, proteins and fats. Learn how much should you be working out and for how long. Everything you need to know about eating right in one session for only $59!

Normally this type of nutritional programming could cost you up to $1000 with a dietitian! Come let us educate you and help you learn what you need to do once and for all!



TRF MEAL PREP SERVICES ARE NOW HERE. Have all of your meal prepared for you, based on your needs. Contact us for more information.