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Private Training

This style of training is one on one, just you and the trainer. This allows us to create a customized workout regimen for just you. Program includes a full body assessment to determine clients needs. Program also includes nutrition, strength training, cardio training, core training and flexibility. We recommend this program for those with little or no experience in working out, those with special conditions, those who don't feel comfortable working out with another person or those that just want their own customized program. We select the dates and times of your appointments based on each of our availability. Available in 50 minute or 25 minute sessions.

Group Training

Group training gives you all of the benefits of one on one training, with less cost. This style of training consists of you working out with 4-5 other people. This is a great program for those that want a customized program and a chance to work with a certified trainer but don't have the budget for private training.  Appointment time availability is limited, contact for specific times. Available in 50 minute sessions.

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